A book of bargains by Vincent O'Sullivan; Aubrey Beardsley

By Vincent O'Sullivan; Aubrey Beardsley

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And all were suddenly these brought 43 to Mr. fortunate incidents to completeness by one singular event. It was on a winter mormng, about three o'clock, that he found himself in the district of Kilburn, and noticed a crimson stain on the sky. More from indolence than from anything else he went towards the fire; but when he came in sight of it, he was startled by a somewhat strange thing. For there at a window high up in the blazing house, stood a woman with a baby in her arms, who had clearly been left to a hideous fate on account of the fierceness of the flames.

Asked Mrs. Annice, standing with her white hand resting on the back of a chair. "I think not," answered Rupert, with a smile. She dismissed the carnage. servant had gone she tried As soon as the to make some trivial remark, and, half turning, looked at Orange, who rose. For an instant those two stood gazing into each other 's eyes with God 34 A BOOK OF BARGAI NS. knows what hell in their hearts, and then, with a little cry, that was half a sob, she flung her arms about his neck, and pressed her kisses on his lips.

Annice; he had 30 A BOOK OF BARGAINS. decided not to see her for a while. Indeed, it was not till an evening late in February, after dinner, that he took a cab to her house near \Vashington Square. H e found her at home, and had n ot waited a minute before she came in to the room. wonderfully She was a tall woman, and handsome by gaslight; but she had that tiresome habit, which many women have, of talking intensely-in italics, as it were : a habit found generally in women ill brought up-women without control of their feelings, or command of the expression of them.

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