A New Approach to Differential Geometry using Clifford's by John Snygg

By John Snygg

Differential geometry is the examine of the curvature and calculus of curves and surfaces. A New method of Differential Geometry utilizing Clifford's Geometric Algebra simplifies the dialogue to an obtainable point of differential geometry by way of introducing Clifford algebra. This presentation is correct simply because Clifford algebra is a good software for facing the rotations intrinsic to the examine of curved space.

Complete with chapter-by-chapter workouts, an outline of normal relativity, and short biographies of old figures, this finished textbook provides a helpful advent to differential geometry. it's going to function an invaluable source for upper-level undergraduates, beginning-level graduate scholars, and researchers within the algebra and physics communities.

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Geometric Properties of Natural Operators Defined by the Riemann Curvature Tensor

A principal challenge in differential geometry is to narrate algebraic homes of the Riemann curvature tensor to the underlying geometry of the manifold. the entire curvature tensor is generally rather tough to accommodate. This booklet provides effects concerning the geometric effects that stick to if a number of normal operators outlined when it comes to the Riemann curvature tensor (the Jacobi operator, the skew-symmetric curvature operator, the Szabo operator, and better order generalizations) are assumed to have consistent eigenvalues or consistent Jordan basic shape within the applicable domain names of definition.

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Addressed to either natural and utilized probabilitists, together with graduate scholars, this article is a pedagogically-oriented creation to the Schwartz-Meyer second-order geometry and its use in stochastic calculus. P. A. Meyer has contributed an appendix: "A brief presentation of stochastic calculus" offering the root of stochastic calculus and hence making the ebook greater available to non-probabilitists additionally.

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