Aboriginal Self Determination in Australia

This quantity represents the court cases of a convention celebrating the foreign yr for the World's Indigenous Peoples, held in Townsville, Queensland, in 1993.

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He declares himself divinely inspired; entrusted with a heavenly mission he brings a new religion to the world. . This idea will be said to be wholly insane; yet he reasons like other men except for this series of religious thoughts. Question him more carefully, however, and other morbid ideas will soon be discovered; for instance, you will find a tendency to pride parallel to the religious ideas. He believes himself called upon to reform not only religion but also to reform society; perhaps he will also imagine the highest sort of destiny reserved for himself.

Suicide and the Negro. The rate for Negroes is very low compared to whites, in our society. There is obviously (if the statistics are correct) editor’s introduction no correlation between Negro underprivilege and suicide, as might be expected. Is this because systematic oppression and under-privilege lead individuals to be adjusted to the misery and tragedy of human existence which is visited upon all? Expecting nothing of life, they may not be disappointed at how little it does offer them. But here a serious check must be made by studies of suicide among upper-class and welleducated Negroes, and among low-income and poorly educated Negroes.

Fourth, is the social oblivion to which the aged are subjected an invitation to what the psychoanalysts call the xxix xxx editor’s introduction desire for maternal oblivion; that is, a return to the kindly sleep of the unborn? These questions, and others, must obviously be to the forefront in the new branch of medicine called geriatrics, particularly in the light of what has been termed our aging population. Suicide and Income-Groups. Suicide-rates are relatively high among the highest income-groups.

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