Advances in Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in Medicine by Alessandro Rindi (auth.), Ralph H. Thomas, Victor

By Alessandro Rindi (auth.), Ralph H. Thomas, Victor Perez-Mendez (eds.)

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1973). received by the A-bomb survivors. 8 leuk per yr/10 6 person rem) = 20 leuk/10 person rem. Based on present trends about 80 percent of the lifetime leukemia risk should be expressed at 25 years. 8 = 25 leuk/l0 6 person rem. "63 41 INTRODUCTION AND FUNDAMENTALS Table 3. Lifetime Risk from Leukemia at High Dose-Rates (from a total body y-ray dose "D"). 1 leuk/10 6 person rem) D2 Thus, in some of the better epidemiological data available, there is strong evidence that a linear extrapolation from high dose data to the radiation protection dose region will give conservative risk factors.

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