After Hardship Cometh Ease: The Jews as Backdrop for Muslim by Ze'ev Maghen

By Ze'ev Maghen

Islam prides itself on being “the faith of facility”. Muslim assets are unanimous in assigning to Judaism the position of counterweight during this regard, saying it a approach of “burdens and shackles” through which the Jews “oppressed their souls”. This neat polarity either fueled, and was once the made of, a desirable reciprocal technique: whilst that sharî'a used to be being created within the adverse photo of halakha, halakha was once being retroactively re-imagined via Muslim jurists and exegetes because the antipode of sharî'a . even if scholarly stories of the intertexture of Islam and Judaism abound, few have touched upon the Muslim tradition’s notion and usage of Jewish legislations, and none has performed so extensive. This e-book goals to fill that lacuna and additional our figuring out of the age-old include and grapple among the 2 faiths.

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Even al-Tabarl sometimes seems to support this notion: "The [entire] Qur'än descended from the Preserved Tablet to the lowest heaven {samä' al-dunya - or, as some say, from the zibr/zubr [= the Writing] to the bayt al-ma'mür) on the Night of Destiny in the month of Ramadan, and thence it was subsequently dispensed to Muhammad whenever God willed" (Tabari, 2:196. Interestingly, many of al-Tabarfs proof-texts stipulate that this "pre-revelation" occurred fi jumla wähida, in one fell swoop. See also Tabari, 30:327-8, where the readymade Revelation descended complete on laylat al-qadr and "hovered amongst the stars," whence it was parceled out over time to Muhammad).

If one follows the (more popular) opinion of Ibn 'Abbäs, however, that the beginning of Sürat al-Muzzammil was abrogated by its ending, then the place and function of Q . 17:79 is somewhat harder to locate, and the chronology of the establishment of the various components of prescribed prayer all the more bewildering. All told, some seven different verses are suggested by as many commentators and fuqahä' as occasioning the abrogation of Q . 73:1-3. 3 For a thorough (but difficult) exposition of these, see Qurtubl, 19:25-30 and 40-45.

For a related "reduction" arising out of Q. 8:65-6, according to which (in al-Shäfi'1's words) "God made it clear in His book that He had relieved the Muslims of the obligation to fight the unbelievers in the ratio of one against ten, and had imposed upon them [instead] the obligation to fight only in a ratio of one against two," see Burton, Sources, 27, and Christopher Melchert, "The Hanball law of Gihäd," The Maghreb Review 29 (2004), 26-7. " - was revealed, Muhammad called for his secretary Zayd b.

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