Amrit Wisdom of Mahavtar Babaji in the words of Guruji by Guruji Naushir

By Guruji Naushir

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, this means that immortal. Amrit - the ebook on your hand is a piece of deep love and knowledge from the immortal sage Mahavtar Babaji as communicated to Guruji Naushir. it's a advisor for functional spirituality full of incisive insights and spiced with love and humour. It touches all facets of existence and enumerates on sizzling to be on this planet, yet now not OF this international; making our trip in the world balanced, stress-free and elevating.

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You are and will always be a trustee of all that you own, enjoy or suffer on this planet. And a trustee can never get possessive about what is merely in its custodial charge. To put it simply, it’s like a Bank considering itself the owner of all that lies in its safe deposit vaults. So go ahead and love to death everybody and enjoy everything that comes into your life but do not for a moment believe anybody or anything really belongs to you. D. THE ROAD BLOCK On the path of your soul’s journey, you are likely to encounter one particular kind of a road block that will halt, delay or frustrate your progress and growth.

As soon as you reach your destination you will be warmly greeted at the reception, given a key to your room and the staff will ensure that you have everything you could dream of in terms of luxury and comfort. Throughout the week you have the time of your life enjoying the facilities at the resort, like swimming pool, gourmet restaurants, spas, gym, water sports, land sports, you name it, and you have it. End of the week you pack your bags, say your goodbyes to new friends you may have made, maybe write a big collective thank you in the visitors’ book for the support and service staff whose hard work made your dream vacation a reality.

Try to see your closest relationships in the perspective of being one of so many in the numerous lifetimes you take as a human, and none is so sacrosanct that you cannot live without or release yourself from if necessary. Only if deep in your heart you understand that nobody is indispensable for your happiness, will you be able to give and receive any amount of love without the danger of pain following it. However, I must add here that being detached from people is in no way a license for indifference, antipathy or complete lack of feelings.

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