An Introduction to Crime and Crime Causation by Globokar, Julie L.; Roberson, Cliff; Winters, Robert C

By Globokar, Julie L.; Roberson, Cliff; Winters, Robert C

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Methods for Counting High-Frequency Repeat Victimizations in the NCVS: Examines the nature and extent of series victimization in the NCVS. Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2011: Presents data on crime and safety at school from the perspectives of students, teachers, and principals. National Incident-Based Reporting System Over the years, a broad utility for UCR data evolved, and law enforcement expanded its capabilities to supply crime information. In the late 1970s, the law enforcement community called for a thorough evaluation of the UCR program to recommend an expanded and enhanced data collection system to meet the needs of law enforcement in the twenty-first century.

The tables were later replaced by the Justinian Code. The Justinian Code was developed under the rule of Emperor Justinian I between 527 and 565 bc. The Code was actually three lengthy documents: (1) the Institutes, (2) the Digest, and (3) the Code. Before the Norman Conquest (1066), there was no uniform criminal law in England. The village courts were governed by sheriffs who often enforced the rules as they saw fit. After the conquest, when William the Conqueror was King of England, he decreed that all prosecution was to be conducted in the name of the king to reduce the arbitrariness of the prior system.

Includes attempted attacks or sexual assaults by means of verbal threats. See individual crime types for definition of attempted crimes. Chapter one: An introduction to concepts involving crime and crime causation 17 Criminal history records The FBI administers national systems that permit interstate access to criminal records maintained in all 50 states. These systems include the following: • • • • • • National Instant Criminal Background Check System Index National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index National Protection Order File National Sex Offender Registry Automated Fingerprint Identification System AUTOMATED FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is an automated system for searching fingerprint files and transmitting fingerprint images.

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