An Introduction to Medical Terminology for Health Care: A by Andrew Hutton BSc MSc

By Andrew Hutton BSc MSc

An information of clinical terminology is key for lots of health and wellbeing care professions. This appealing a simple to take advantage of self-teaching textual content offers an easy, interactive, finished consultant to the language of drugs. Following a quick advent to the fundamental elements of scientific phrases, each one unit bargains with a distinct physique procedure and follows a customary plan: note workout; An anatomy workout; A notice cost; and A self evaluation. through breaking phrases into their part elements and using wisdom via routines and examples from sufferer care, the reader studying how phrases are shaped and turns into accustomed to the typical roots, and suffixes of medial phrases in addition to how they are going to be encountered in perform. additionally, the textual content offers a finished glossary/index, which cross-references the textual content, in addition to a listing of universal abbreviations.

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An Introduction to Medical Terminology for Health Care: A Self-Teaching Package

A data of scientific terminology is vital for plenty of healthiness care professions. This appealing a simple to exploit self-teaching textual content presents an easy, interactive, finished advisor to the language of medication. Following a quick creation to the fundamental parts of scientific phrases, each one unit offers with a unique physique method and follows a customary plan: observe workout; An anatomy workout; A be aware cost; and A self evaluate.

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Instrument which records (r) peri- 18. incision into (s) -tomy 19. removal of (t) -uria 20. condition of blood Column A Column B Column C (o) pancreat/o 15. abdomen/flank (p) peritone/o 16. common bile duct (q) proct/o 17. caecum (r) pylor/o 18. pancreas (s) rect/o 19. liver (t) sigmoid/o 20. appendix Score Score 20 Test 2D 20 Test 2C Combining forms of word roots Match each combining form of a word root from Column A with a meaning from Column C by inserting the appropriate number in Column B.

The laparoscope allows the internal organs (viscera) to be viewed and manipulated by a surgeon. Medical equipment and clinical procedures In this unit we have named several instruments. Let us review their names: gastroscope gastroenteroscope sigmoidoscope 21 THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM colonoscope proctoscope laparoscope All of these instruments are used to view various parts of the digestive system. Now fibreoptic endoscopes have replaced some of the original viewing instruments. Endoscope means an instrument to view inside (endowithin/ inside).

Exercise Guide Use this list of word components and their meanings to complete the word exercises in this unit. ) -rrhoea -scope -scopy -spasm -stenosis -stomy -tomy -us pertaining to condition of pain pertaining to surgical puncture to remove fluid fixation/bind together by surgery /sticking together condition of pain pertaining to dilatation/stretching removal of pertaining to formation/ originating in X-ray / tracing/ recording technique of recording /making X-ray condition of pertaining to inflammation of study of measuring instrument process of measuring abnormal condition/disease of disease of surgical repair/reconstruction surgical fixation /fix in place condition of paralysis suture / stitch / suturing excessive discharge /flow excessive discharge /flow an instrument to view/examine technique of viewing /examining involuntary contraction abnormal condition of narrowing formation of an opening into .

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