Anika Sorenstam: Discover the Life of a Sports Star by David Armentrout

By David Armentrout

E-book via Armentrout, David, Armentrout, Patricia

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Throughout the length and the breadth of the land we followed Him. Others joined us until, besides Himself, we were twelve. To the hungry and thirsty He gave food and drink. To those who were sick and worn and weary He gave peace. Who but the Son of God could have brought such gifts to man? Who but the Son of God could have commanded the storm to be calm? Who but He could have raised Lazarus from the dead and given peace to the heart of Mary Magdalene?  . I lived to deny this man. He Himself foretold that I would on the night of our last supper.

Religion for the Romans, which had at one time been a homey, agrarian affair of friendly household gods, took one of two recognized courses during Clement’s youth—both of them ugly. Under the influence of Lucretius and his school (who taught the Romans a strikingly complete theory of evolution) many citizens of the Empire became sophisticated, world-weary skeptics who abandoned religion altogether—except of course for the obligatory pinch of incense offered to the approved civic pantheon once a year.

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