Anthropologist Among the Marxists: And Other Essays by Ramachandra Guha

By Ramachandra Guha

'Inside each pondering there's a Gandhian and a Marxist suffering for supremacy', says Ramachandra Guha within the beginning sentence of this splendidly readable e-book of principles, critiques and reflections. a considerable part of the ebook expands in this salvo: it analyses Gandhians and psuedo-Gandhians, Marxists and anti-Marxists, Nehruvians and anti-secularists, democrats and Stalinists, scientists and historians, environmentalists and cricketers - briefly all those that contain the highbrow lifetime of pondering Indians this day.

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Each can be relatively true. But what matters is not a relative truth, but what is real, and by this word I mean that which is invariable. " It is objectively determined in Time and Space, but, as simultaneity (synthesis), it is outside of Time. The symbol as synthesis is the eternal "Present Moment," because the same conjunction of conditions that created its development will compel it continually to be what it is; this prescribes the notion of identity, which is objectively inconceivable. There is a reversal of positions for the two intelligences: for the objective intelligence, there is determinism, where for the unexpressed, intuitive intelligence (innate knowledge) there is non-determinism.

1 Thus, the light of the moon can be considered a cathodic effect—that is, an effect embodying the rays of the sun. A similar, special effect is produced on each planet; the intensity of the solar flux and the nature of the cathode, as well as the angle of reflection, modify the resulting radiation. The "embodying" character of the cathode signifies the specification of the neutral incident radiation. Every cause—or, more correctly, every activity—is a cause only because of the opposed and reacting resistance.

Objectively, the circle is comprehensible only as an assemblage of the bases of triangles having their apexes at the center of the circle (Euclid). Thus, one will attempt to calculate the coefficient of its ratio to its diameter by means of polygons and by an estimate resulting from the inscribed and circumscribed polygons. It is evident that one will never get a finite number in this way, and Pi must be an irrational number. One accepts the "absurd" formula of a polygon with an infinite number of sides, which attests to the feeling that the circle can in no way be known through polygons: intuitively, we are certain that the circle is a line that is curved along every part of its path, however small that part may be.

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