Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare by Martin Wine (auth.)

By Martin Wine (auth.)

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66-7), it is not surprising that he is convinced that she can be purchased. What may be surprising is his contempt for women in general: he is sure that even Rome's Vestal Virgins, priestesses renowned for their chastity and incorruptibility, could similarly be bought (29-31). One wonders about his true feelings for his sister, whom he was willing to use as a political pawn. That Cleopatra could love Antony does not strike him as a possibility, for he seems not even to know what love is. Act III, Scene xiii Summary Antony tells Cleopatra the results of his embassy to Caesar.

Antony's imagery is pure 'Roman': acknowledging that he has 'not kept my square', he vows to act in the future 'by the rule' (6-7). 2). A more loveless scene between a groom and his bride would be hard to come by. Once the 'business' that Antony wanted completed in the last scene is over, they go their separate ways. Caesar's only words in the entire dialogue of nine lines are 'Good night' (9). The words of the Soothsayer urging Antony to return to Egypt obviously strike a chord. Antony has deluded himself into thinking that this marriage will satisfy Rome's claim on him; but now he realizes that, although he is making 'this marriage for my peace, / I' the East my pleasure lies' (40-1).

To Egypt again' . Antony acknowledges that Caesar will always win over him in Fortune's game and vows to return to Egypt in spite of his forthcoming marriage to Octavia and what he said to her at the beginning of the scene. Commentary This short scene immediately confirms Enobarbus's insight at the close of the previous scene, that Antony will 'never' leave Cleopatra. ii), but never before so rapidly. Like the previous scene, this one also takes place in Rome and ends with thoughts of 'the East' , where Antony's 'pleasure lies' (41).

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